The Space Between

Are you a Turtle or a Hailstorm?

By Harville & Helen / 10/11/2018

“The more I tried to get him to respond to me, the more he retreated into silence.” ~ Patricia People react to conflict in one of two ways: by Minimizing or Maximizing their energy. Under stress, Minimizers tend to hold in their reactions, containing their energy deep inside. Conversely, when Maximizers are anxious, they tend...

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Getting the Love You Want

What is Getting the Love You Want All About?

By Harville & Helen / 09/20/2018

What is love? Love is a verb, not a noun. It does not exist independent of behavior. It is created or destroyed minute by minute by what we do. Love is an act that is accompanied by a feeling, but it is not a feeling itself. It is the behavioral commitment of one person to...

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