Harville and Helen's personal story includes the negativity they've faced in their own relationship. In response, they created the Zero Negativity Challenge®. It was their moment of transformation, birthing healing and much needed renewal for their marriage.

Geared toward couples who have some experience with Imago theory (such as taking a workshop or working with an Imago therapist), this kit will track your progress in removing negativity from your relationship and facilitate the experience of transformation.  It provides a procedure on how to monitor your relationship to regulate your negative exchanges and how to repair your relationship when you digress from connecting into negativity.

Zero Negativity Kit

Includes 3 calendars, sticker sheets for tracking your progress (with smile, frown, and reset bottons), 2 ZN wristbands, instructions, a letter from Harville & Helen, frequently asked questions, and a Pledge, compiled neatly into a beautiful ZN portfolio.

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