Harville and Helen envision a world in which the primary value is relationship and universal equality is a reality. They believe that all persons are created in relationship, become who they are in relationship, and are wounded by and healed in relationship.  Therefore, happiness, success, emotional and physical health and the joy of aliveness are functions of healthy relating. Most personal suffering—including divorce, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, addictions and mental illness – are disorders of relationship. And so are social ills, from violence, to poverty, to war. 

They believe that conversation—the verbal and non-verbal exchange of energy and information—creates and determines the quality of relationship, and that the essential quality of a thriving relationship is predictable and reliable safety. Therefore, all conversations must be safe.

Harville and Helen's mission is to launch and sustain a relationship revolution that distributes a process called SAFE CONVERSATIONS everywhere: to couples and families, congregations, communities, corporations, schools, and governments. By shifting the culture – from a "value system based on the competition between individuals" – to a "relational culture in which everyone collaborates" thru the practice of SAFE CONVERSATIONS, they envision the spread of universal connection and equality.

Current strategies to fulfill the mission include:

  • Fostering public awareness and education on the value and necessity of healthy relationships for social transformation;
  • Providing public and professional resources that build relationship skills including – but not limited to – publications, workshops and seminars, professional trainings, and online teachings;
  • Investing in the relational health of families – the social unit from which our society emerges – as a strategic upriver prevention that can mitigate downriver cleanup;
  • Supporting research on the efficacy of relationship skills; and
  • Collaborating with other like-minded leaders in the world to serve as a catalyst for a new relational civilization.

RELATIONSHIPS FIRST provide an opportunity for learning and expanding public awareness on the necessity for healthy relationships.

WORKSHOPS provide live intensives for couples to immerse themselves in a deeper understanding of their relationship and learn the skills to jumpstart their relationship and restore their connection.

IMAGO RELATIONSHIPS INTERNATIONAL provides an avenue for clinical training and for access to Certified Imago therapists worldwide.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES provide affordable and accessible ways for couples, singles, and parents to learn more about understanding relationship dynamics and the "how to" for relationship building.

Embracing their motto of "heal relationships, heal the family, heal the world," Harville and Helen invite you to strengthen the relationships in your life and JOIN THE RELATIONSHIP REVOLUTION.


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